Situated in Shenzhen’s tropical monsoon climate with long summer, short winter and abundant rainfall, the project draws inspiration from clouds. The conceptual design of public spaces is rooted in the ever-changing forms of clouds, embracing nature within communal areas. Various phenomena and forms of clouds—mist, rain, shading—are translated into distinct spatial arrangements and experiences.

Community Cohesion

Integrating the light, fluid, and diverse surfaces and forms of clouds into architecture and landscapes, this design creates a space environment centered around the community.

Inclusive Space

The design aims for a multi-generational inclusive space, where functional planning offers diverse experiences and engagement opportunities for all age groups. This is a park for all.

Solar and Shadow Analysis

Through solar and shadow analysis, open areas incorporate sunshade designs, offering shaded spaces for users.

Site Analysis

The site is nestled among office buildings, residences, and schools. The park’s design aims to attract nearby residents to utilize the space, fostering interaction within the community.

Durational Planning

To cater to the diverse needs of the surrounding users, the park employs a multi-functional and flexible layout, allowing everyone to enjoy the park’s facilities and activities according to their preferences and requirements.

Modular Design

The hexagonal modular design implies that different units can be organized freely, creating a diverse urban park landscape.

Function and Speed

The park’s planning takes into account various fast or slow activity zones, natural environments, and pathways. Gathering plazas foster social interaction, while leisure courtyards provide a tranquil environment for relaxation.